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Jordi Bosch

IT Strategic Consultant & Startup Mentor IT and technology specialist with 10 years of career in Barcelona and another 10 years in Moscow. I am back to Barcelona now, serving customers in four different time zones. I have specialized in IT business strategy, ranging from pure product innovation, development and sales. I take corporate customers as well as startups, focusing on innovation segment and early stage. I have touched in depth through my career all steps of the journey of creating new technology and new products, making me an excellent bridge between business and engineering. Feel free to contact me if you are interested in what I do, for I usually only add finished projects to my profile to keep customer confidentiality.

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Marçal Santmartí

International academic research and teaching experience in the Philippines and Japan. Solid background on research of primary documents in Spanish, Filipino and Japanese archives. Writing on international issues and the interactions between the public and the private sector at the New Zealand International Review. Also a member of the Planetary Society and passionate about Space politics and economy.

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Sergi Marzabal

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